Listen, View, Learn 2

First, the enemy and your own flesh (mind, will, & imagination) want you to be isolated, discouraged, detached, depresssed and start to panic. His job is to steal your hope, kill your joy, destroy your faith and strip you of so much that you think you can't find your way back to God. My friend, stop looking at your circumstances and the enemy, and begin to look to Jesus the Christ your Savior, Healer, and Deliverer. Turn from that MTV, BET, violence, fear, drama tv and other "seductive" programs that's infiltrating and altering your thought life and create an atmosphere (listen to things) that welcome the peace, presence and power of God in your life.

Secondly, you need to see your circumstances through the eyes of Christ and not the natural eye. What looks like a living hell is only God's process to get you to the next dimension. YES DIMENSION!
It's unfamiliar territory for you, but not for God!
In God's Word, the book of Genesis tells us about Joseph who moved from the pit, to the palace. My Friend, God sees your problem and has not delivered you out of it
yet for a reason. He will cause you to be stretched
in the process, like He did with Joseph. He will push you out of one place to move you on to another dimension in life. You'll learn new things in the process that you would have never learned otherwise.
Thirdly, go with the flow and don't fight God's process. He alone knows more about your life and future than you. God will be with you at the grocery store, court, bank, hospital, job, office and the classroom. What the world says is a tragedy, "The Word" says is a process leading you to triumph, making you stronger and wiser.

Now listen, enjoy and apply this "Word 4 Life", see God Big and grow to the NEXT DIMENSION in your Faith, Family, Fellowship & Finances!!!


Abundant Blessings,


Pastor D

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